Never Just a Story

Published October 12, 2012 by tr1ckst3r

I think this needs to be said, because if I don’t -who will?
Ever since I started reading I’ve felt emotionally attached to the characters I read about, even if it’s a short story or I don’t see much of the character. When they’re in danger, I panic. When they fall in love, I cheer them on. When they succeed, I celebrate with them. When they die, I cry…
This has led many people to mock me, and my parents and teachers to say “It’s just a story.”
But it isn’t! It’s never ‘Just a story’.
Every time someone writes a story, they make a world. Their characters have hopes and dream -fears and pains. Every little piece has a heart -they reflect the soul of their writer.
Even in my own novel I’m writing, I’ve hated myself. When it started I didn’t know how to direct my story, I only followed along and let my characters control it. I lost control -and one of my characters died. I cried a bit, and someone told me to just go back and change it. But I couldn’t, because it already happened -needed to happen. It was part of the plot, the push that sets the stage for my main character to become stronger. But that doesn’t make it any easier on me…
Within the words are the world. But you need to be able to feel it with your heart to see it.
It’s never just a story, because it lives in the heart of the writer.
And that makes it real.


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